I thought it would be interesting to show who was on the throne at the time a person lived in this tree. If you look at a persons personal page, I have added a box to show who was on the throne at the time. This will only show if a birth, death or christening date is known for the person. If only one of these dates is known, only the person on the throne for that date will be shown.

The following is a list of Kings and Queens who reigned during the time of this tree:

House of Lancaster
Henry IV1399 to 1413
Henry V1413 to 1422
Henry VI1422 to 1461
House of York
Edward IV1461 to 1483
Edward V1483 to 1483
Richard III1483 to 1485
House of Tudor
Henry VII1485 to 1509
Henry VIII1509 to 1547
Edward VII1547 to 1553
Jane (Lady Jane Grey)1553 to 1553
Mary I (Bloody Mary)1553 to 1558
Elizabeth I (Queen Bess)1558 to 1603
House of Stuart
James I (James VI of Scotland)1603 to 1625
Charles I1625 to 1649
Council of State1649 to 1653
Oliver Cromwell (Lord Protector)1653 to 1658
Richard Cromwell (Lord Protector)1658 to 1659
House of Stuart
Charles II1660 to 1685
James II1685 to 1688
Mary II (ruled jointly)1689 to 1694
William III (ruled jointly)1689 to 1702
Anne1702 to 1714
House of Hanover
George I1714 to 1727
George II1727 to 1760
George III1760 to 1820
George IV1820 to 1830
William IV1830 to 1837
Victoria1837 to 1901
House of Saxe-Coburg
Edward VII1901 to 1910
House of Windsor
George V1910 to 1936
Edward VIII (Duke of Windsor)1936 to 1936
George VI1936 to 1952
Elizabeth II1952 to present day