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07/12/2007 - Just finished checking all the personal pages from the old web site to make sure all the info is on the new site. I had a bad habit of updating the web site and not the database before so I didn't want to delete the old pages until I was sure I had copied over all the information. I've just got 605 family pages to check now!!

11/10/2007 - I've just added a table to hold where I got the information from for each person, and added the code to show this on the page. I haven't updated all the table yet as this information was hard coded on each page on the old site so its going to take me a while to get this up to date.

04/10/2007 - At last I've fitted in Thomas and Harriat!! I had details of this family but I could never work out who Thomas's father was. A while ago I ordered a birth certificate for a Martha Postles who was born in Wolverhampton. Her parents turned out to be Thomas and Harriat and not the family I thought she belonged to. However, from that I was able to find out Harriat's surname was Clarke. After spending ages searching through the marriage records, I found details of their marriage and sent off for the marriage certificate. It turns out that Thomas is a son of Nathanial my Great Great Great Grandfather.

28/09/2007 - I've finally finished writing all the databases and PHP code to make the new site work. Now I'm concentrating on checking all the information I have so far. I started with my Great Grandfather and I now have his birth, death and both marriage certificates. I have also found all the census records that he should be on and the birth certificates of most of his children so he is now complete. I'm now working on my Great Great Grandfather William Frederick. I have the birth certificates of all his children but I can't find his death date, nor can I find the family on the 1851 census. I am currently working through the whole census for Cheshire.

08/03/2005 - I've been going through all my old emails trying to fit information in and I've made quite a few updates. Went to the Wolverhampton library again the other day to do some more research. I've been going through the 1871 census but I haven't found as much information as I expected to. Going back again tomorrow, I think I'm going to do some more parish register research tomorrow.

01/03/2005 - I've been trying to compile lists of where everyone was born, married, lived and died. This has been a great help in fitting people in. Haven't finished it yet, still got quite a lot to do. I've also decided to compile a list of occupations of people as well.

16/02/2005 - I received an email from Roy Peaker giving me some details about William Postles who married Alice Parkinson. I think he is possibly the son of Peter Postles and Elizabeth Parton who I had thought died as a child. He also cleared up some of the information on my "can't fit in list" about John Postles and Ann Newton. He also gave me information about William Postles who married Ann Clarke, he thinks he may be a son of John and Ann but Ann died in 1834 and William was born in 1839, so either John married again, or William is not the son of this John.

Also received an email from Margaret Parker, she told me that the Thomas Postles I had as a son of Nathanial and Elizabeth, is in fact the son of William Postles and Ann Worth. William being the son of William Postles and Alice Parkinson.

Finished updating all the family pages now, just got nearly 600 personal pages to update!

13/02/2005 - I am currently changing the web site. It uses frames at the moment to keep the menu on the left hand side, and these do not work with some older browsers. I will work as fast as I can but there are over 2000 pages on this site, so thats a lot of editing!! If you find yourself on a page with no menu on the left, use your Back button on your browser to get back to where you were. If you come across any other problems using the site, do let me know.

05/10/2002 - Had a look at the 1901 census online.  What a rip off that is, cost me £5 just to find out info on 5 families, it would cost me a fortune to check out all the families.  I don't see why the government can't produce a set of cd's as the Church of the Latter Day Saints do.  Anyway, I'm going to have to go to the records office again so I can do some proper in depth research.  I've also started to draw up lists of who lived in which villages/towns.  If you click on the Interesting Things link from the menu, then click on Districts, you will see the ones I have done so far.

21/09/02 - Had various emails from Janet Robinson who turns out to be an 8th cousin of mine, she sent me loads of details of descendents of Richard Postles and Ester Shaw (who I have down as Ester Sharp).  I am inputting these details at the moment but it might be a couple of days before I have updated all the relevant pages

30/06/02 - Had a email from Lorna York whose Great Great Grandfather Joseph Bailey was the brother of my Great Great Grandmother, Ann Bailey.   It also turns out that the Margaret I have down as married to John Sandbach was Ann's sister, she also had another sister, Mary, who married William Fredericks half brother John.  Ann Bailey and William Frederick Postles also got married in Penkridge which is where I went to college.

30/03/2002 - Had a email from Ian Postles who is my 8th cousin 1st removed.  He gave me a link to his web site (the link is on the Links page) and I am in the process of updating my web site with his family details.

18/12/2001 - Back in July I had a letter from a Tom Coppack who is my seventh cousin 1st removed.  He sent me quite a few more details which I have now input into the family tree.  I have spent the last couple of days going through the 1881 census and trying to track families down.  I have also discovered that I made a mistake with my Great Great Great Uncle Thomas, I thought he was married to someone called Harriet and they had 13 children.  It turns out that it was a different Thomas who married Harriet, he was born in Chelsea and I haven't figured out where he belongs yet.  My 3rd Great Uncle Thomas married a girl called Sarah Ann, I just assumed the Thomas from Chelsea was my Great Great Grandfathers brother as they both lived in Wolverhampton.

18/09/2001 - Finally got my machine working again after I accidentally spilt a glass of wine into the PC nearly 3 months ago!! Lots of updates to go on to the site so I will be adding these as quickly as possible.  Keep you eye on the index page to find any new or updated records.

28/05/2001 - Had an email from Beatrice Chesterton who gave me some information about Esther Postles who married James Chesterton.

26/05/2001 - Spent the afternoon with Frank Postles who has been researching his family tree for many years now.  Frank has given me lots of extra information so there are quite a few new people I have to put into the tree now.   I am doing this as fast as I can but it may be another couple of weeks before I am finished.

26/04/2001 - Spent the morning at the Cheshire Records Office researching the Middlewich Parish Records.  I started off with the Christenings going through 1813 - 1868 and found lots of information.  Unfortunately, I will have to search the Marriage records before I can fit all the information I found into the family tree.  I have input all the information I can and the rest is on the "Information I can't fit in yet" page.

12/04/2001 - Spent yesterday afternoon at the Wolverhampton Archive Office searching through the 1861 census but found no other Postles in the Wolverhampton area at this time apart from William Frederick Postle.  I was a bit surprised by this because I expected to find some mention of his brothers Thomas and Nathanial.  Today I received another letter from Frank Postles giving me some more details which I will be inputting to the site as soon as possible.

08/04/2001 - I have decided not to change the relationships on all the records yet as all the information I can find does not list Thomas as a son of Nathan Postle and Mary Ford.  All the records I have looked at list their children as Nathan, George, Elizabeth, Mary, Jane and Anne.  Instead I have decided to add a Verified on each page that is verified.  Then I am going to Wolverhampton Archive Office again to finish checking the 1861 census.  Once I have done that, I am going to go to Cheshire Record Office to search the 1851 census for Middlewich and hopefully some Parish Records.

06/04/2001 - Received a letter from Frank Postles, Leicester.   He gave me lots of information, including the fact that I had Nathan Postle down with the wrong father.  He was the son of Richard and Mary, not Samual and Mary as I thought.  I am currently making all the changes I need to make and will be publishing the new pages as soon as possible. Keep checking the index page to see which people have been updated.  The updated flags stay in place for 2 weeks after any changes have been made.

04/04/2001 - Spent the afternoon at Wolverhampton Archive Library going through the 1841 and 1851 census records to see if there was any record of any Postle's before 1856, which is the earliest record I have found so far.  I didn't find anything for any of the addresses I have come across so far.  I then started going through the 1861 census again as I had only previously looked up Albion Street.   I wanted to look up all the addresses I found in the Baptism and Marriage records but I only had time to search Horseley Fields so I still need to do Oxford Street, Walsall Street, Ward Street and Wharf Street.

27/03/2001 Received some details from Marina in Adelaide, Australia.  My Great Great Grandmother married her Great Great Grandfather, Henry George Gibbons, after my Great Great Grandfather died.  She sent me details of their marriage, plus Henry George's previous marriage

26/03/2001 - Spent the afternoon at Stafford Record Office going through Marriages from the St James Parish Records.  I searched from 1860 to 1897 and only found details of seven marriages, two of which I can't 'fit in' to the family yet.  Hopefully, searching the census records may throw some light on those two. It occurred to me that marriages probably take place in the Parish of the woman so when I've finished St James Parish, I am going to do St George's and St Peter's which were the two neighbouring parishes at the time.

12/03/2001 - Visited my cousin - Edith May Johnson who lent me some more photos to scan.

26/02/2001 - Spent the afternoon at Stafford Record Office going through the Baptisms from the St James Parish Records.  I searched from 1860 to 1900 before my eyes got too tired and found details of lots of baptisms.  This is when I realised that William Frederick's brother, Thomas, must have come to Wolverhampton with him as he had lots of children baptised at St James Church.

09/02/2001 - Spent the afternoon at Wolverhampton Archive Library.  Started off with the 1891 census and found quite a few entries for Postle's but some of them didn't make sense to me then.  Looked at the 1841 census for Albion Street which was the only address I knew off at the time. Found no new details but this was also my first visit to a Records Office so it took a while to get used to reading the records and working out how to find the information you want from them.

07/02/2001 - Visited my Great Aunty Floss to find out whatever she could remember about Granddad's brothers and sisters and got lots of information from her.