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This web site shows my Postle Family tree.  I have traced it back from myself Helen Postle, to my 9th Great Grandfather, William Postles who was married in 1612, I haven't yet traced his birthdate. I found during my research, that a lot of the family are listed as Postles in the parish and census records but my Great Great Grandfather William Frederick is definately listed as Postle, although his brothers Thomas, Joseph and Nathanial are listed as Postles.

If you have any details about any branch of the Postle family and you would like to include it on this site, please contact me, I would love to hear from you, and thanks to all the people who have contacted me so far, its really lovely to hear from Postle's all over the world, I didn't think there were so many of us!

There are now 1738 people in the database and 501 families.

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