John Postles Personal Page

Name John Postles, 6C2R
Birth 5 March 1871, Witton Street, Northwich , Cheshire
Death On: 12 November 1871
Age: -1 year 20 months
Father John Postles (1840 - 1880)
Mother Sarah Holland (1843 - 1883)
Census Records

In 1871 John lived in Forest Field, Witton-Cum-Twanbrooks, He was not known. Living at the same address were:
John Postles who was not known, worked as a Draper.
Sarah Holland who was not known
Ellen Jane Postles who was not known
George Henry Postles who was not known

Who was on the Throne?Victoria (1837 to 1901)

Information from:
Ian Postles
Census Records

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