James Bramhall Personal Page

Name James Bramhall,
Birth 1829, Tabley Inferior, Cheshire
Father John Bramhall (1799 - 1884)
Mother Hannah Postles (1797 - 1871)
OccupationIn 1851: Labourer
Census Records

In 1851 James lived in Back Lane, Tabley Inferior, He was not known. He was a Labourer. Living at the same address were:
Hannah Postles who was not known
John Bramhall who was not known, worked as a Labourer.
Thomas Bramhall who was not known
Hannah Bramhall who was not known
Helen Bramhall who was not known

Who was on the Throne?George IV (1820 to 1830)

Information from:
Census Records

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