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History of Villages around Alderley EdgeWebsite
Genealogy - The Complete Resource GuideThe maxim “know thyself” was well known among the ancient Greeks and to this day people still recite those wise words – especially when searching online for “how-to-genealogy.” Casually known as one’s family history or tree, genealogy is the study of family lineages and defined by the Society of Genealogists as the “…establishment of a Pedigree by extracting evidence, from valid sources, of how one generation is connected to the next.” In addition to helping individuals figure out their roots, genealogy can also offer a more-detailed view of their family’s role in the grand scheme of history.Website
The Surname WebWebsite
Wolverhampton Museum of IndustryA virtual museum to celebrate Wolverhampton's diverse industrial pastWebsite
Staffordshire and Stoke On Trent Archive ServicesWebsite
GedcomsAll you need to know about GedcomsWebsite
A History of St James Church Wolverhamptona very interesting article I found giving a history of St James and St Johns Squares in WolverhamptonWebsite
Victorian Wolverhampton A Town Through its BuildingsThe purpose of this book is to look at the Victorian heritage of Wolverhampton, its buildings, artefacts and art; in the main those remaining, but also those that only exist in memory and photograph or diagram.Website
Wolverhampton History and Heritage SocietyThis is the site that I found the above two articles at. There is much more fascinating information about the history of Wolverhampton to be found here.Website
Roots WebWebsite
Cheshire Records OfficeWebsite
History at Home: A Guide to GenealogyA useful site sent to me by a group of Brownie scouts who are aiming to get their "My Family Story" badgeWebsite
Make a Family Tree and AncestryOnline help for creating your Family Tree. You start it off and Ancestry searches all its records and helps you discover moeWebsite