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There is a Regal Pelargonium named after Eileen Postle. It is wine red, edged with light lavender and a dark burgundy blaze

Eileen Postle Royal Pelargonium

Certificates these are certificates (Birth and Marriage) I have but don't know who they belong to.

Origins of the Postle Surname

The name "Postle" is certainly a derivative of "Apostle" even though the original form is extremely rare in any records dating after 1500.  Its origin seems to have come from a regular role in the medieval religious plays and pageants by someone who played the part of an apostle.

These mystery plays were a common feature of medieval life and were usually acted by a troupe of men sponsored by a religious house, one of the guilds, or a noble benefactor.  During the working year there were many feasts and holy days when the main recreations were sport, dancing, fairs and the plays.  Some of the players travelled all around the country performing their pieces in every village along an extensive itinerary.  These were the "strolling players", welcome wherever they set up their trestle stage.  It is from one actor in these ancient dramas that the first persons called Postle evidently began.