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Info I can't fit in

During my research I have come across some details that I can't quite fit into the family yet, so until I find out where they fit in, I will put the details on this page.   If you know any further information about any people on this page, I would be most grateful to hear from you.


Passage on the Strathfieldsaye boat to New South Wales, Australia for Elizabeth Postle aged 16, Elizabeth was a nursery maid and was going to stay with Mrs Harris of Liverpool Street

Information from St Johns Parish Records Wolverhampton

20 December 1872

Marriage of John Hillman and Hannah Postle at St John's Church Wolverhampton.   John, aged 20, was a boatman, his father William was also a boatman.  John lived on a boat.  Hannah was 19, her father William Postle was a boatman and Hannah lived at Walsall Street. - Need to check the 1871 census.  In the 1881 census John and Hannah were living at Brunswick St 2 Court No 1, Wolverhampton with the following children: John aged 8, William aged 6 and George aged 3.


Information from Middlewich Parish Records

Elizabeth Postles from Newton who had an illegitimate child called Sarah who was christened on 1 February 1835

John and Margaret Postles, John was a Labourer and they had the following children:

Samuel Postles (chd 13 June 1842)

John and Sarah Postles from Middlewich, John was a Labourer and they had the following children:

Ann Postles (chd 15 November 1818)

Richard and Mary Postles, Richard was a Labourer and they had the following children:

Richard Postles (chd 1 October 1837)

Other Information

William Postles born 1863

Married Emily Traiton on 29 May 1887. Williams father was called Nathaniel Postles (deceased) and he was a glass blower. William was a miner

Clara Postles born 1870 in Wolverhampton. Mother is Phillis Postles

William Potts Postles born 1816. He married Anne Armstrong in 1856 in Knutsford. Anne was 37 and a spinster, her father was James Armstrong who was a Tailor. William was a widower, worked as a Stonemason and his father was Joseph Postles who was a silk weaver

John Postles who was a widower, married Ann Hassall on 12th October 1840 in Manchester. Johns father William was a Farmer John was a Wheelwright. Ann's father Thomas Newton was a Miller. Both Ann and John were previously married. I have a John who was a Wheelwright married to someone called Ann, but his father is Thomas Postles (married to Mary Winnington). I know they had a son called John as I got that information from Witton Parish Records. The census records I found for him must be for this John but I'm not sure who his father is yet. I have another marriage certificate which I am sure is for the same John, married again on 29th October 1851 to Betsy Bolderton in Budworth. Betsy's father Abraham was also a Miller

James Postles

born in 1852. He married Elizabeth Roberts 20th April 1889 in Wrexham, James was a Collier. His father James and Elizabeth's father Benjamin were also Colliers.

John Postles born 1846. He was a Shoemaker and his father John was also a Shoemaker. He married Elizabeth Wright on 31 December 1867 in Manchester parish church. Jospeph Postles and Hannah Scragg had a son called John who was a Shoemaker and married someone called Elizabeth, I wonder if this is this John, but why would he put his fathers name as John and not Joseph. I will have to look at the Witton parish records and see if there is more information in there.

William Postles who was a Tailor with a father called John who was a Yeoman. He married Nancy Gandy on 16th October 1861, both William and Nancy had been married before. Nancy's father was