There are two types of record in this web site, Family Pages, and Personal Pages.

The Family Page document will show you a person, their spouse, (in the middle box) their parents (in the top box), their children (in the bottom box) and their wedding photo (if I have one). If the person is not married, the spouse field will be empty. If you click on one of the parents or children, you will be taken to that persons Family Page. If you click on the persons name, you will be taken to their Personal Page

The Personal Page will show you more in depth details on the person, their date of birth, address, web page, pictures etc. I have also marked the relationship to myself i.e. Father, Mother,1st Cousin etc.

Surnames Clicking on Surnames gives you a list of all the surnames in this family tree listed in alphabetical order. If you click on a surname, it will open up with a list of all the first names with that surname, again, in alphabetical order. Clicking on a first name, will take you to the Family Page of that person.

Index This is very similar to the Surnames link except the list is already expanded and it has letters to click on, for instance if you are looking for someone with a surname beginning with S, if you click on S it will take you to all the surnames beginning with S.

Marriages This takes you to a list of all the weddings listed by year

Contact Click on the Contact page to find details of how to get in touch with me.

I have now coded the pages so that if a person is alive, their name is shown as Living instead of their correct name. Some people who are alive may still have their names showing because the way the code works is: