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20th August 2002
I'll see you again sometime.
25th June 2002
Sadly I don't have Postles as my surname but my Maternal great-gran was
Mary Ann Postles from Davenham. Her parents were Joseph -&- Elizabeth
Dennett married in 1872. Joseph's brothers were Henry b.1852 -&- William
b.1849. Joseph -&- Elizabeth also had: Richard b.1876, James b.1878,
Joseph b.1881, William b.1875, Herbert b.1885 -&- Katherine b.1888.
Any connections?
I've been in touch with Frank -&- Ian Postles and a few others I don't
have direct connections with.
Ian -&- Janet Earp are sideways connected to me through Katherine.
Bye for now,
23rd June 2002
WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM ANY POSTLES I MAY BE RELATED TO! my dads name is robin charles postles+his parents were harold+bessie may mothers name is pamela + ihave a brother called jon.those of us that are still alive !! live in the essex area but i had two spinster aunts who lived in the macclesfeild.the only immediate connection i can think of is that my grandads(harold)brother moved to the barnet area of london with his son +daughter in law whos names were martin+claire.i think most of the others are pushing up daisies!!!! unless someone can enlighten me.
9th June 2002
I am a descendent of Shadrach Postle who moved to Franklin County Ohio
from Suffolk County Delaware in the 1790s. Does anyone know which
Postles moved to Delaware in the 1700s? We believe that the family
moved from Norfolk, England in those years.

We have a complete family tree for Shadrach's nine children and many of
the descendents. Unfortunately we are not of an age to post quickly
here on the internet and our children are too far away. Posting a
family tree is beyond us!

I am stunned to find a site with so many Postles all communicating to
each other!
25th May 2002
Wow! This site is great! My line comes from Co. Durham, but welcome
any Postle to e-mail me! Ruth
21st May 2002
I have just foound out that there is a field called the postle field,
in Texas and there is also tuns of postle halls! the name postle must
be very famos indeed.
20th May 2002
My father is Raymond Postle, born in Toowoomba Australia, Son of Max and Dawn (Mcgill) Postle. We now live in Long Island, New York. I have most of my Postle family still in Australia including an Auntie Judy and Auntie Debbie. My Grandmother is very interested in our roots So I am going to send her this web site. It is very interesting to me to see all of these Postles because there are no other Postles in my area. Thanks for this site!
Pamela Postle
20th May 2002
hi iam amie mary postle i live in grimsby i am amazed that there is so many postles please get in toch, i am 11 years old see you.
20th May 2002
my dad is glen mark postle
20th May 2002
i love this web site iam making lodes of new freinds and mabe even
love lou loou/amie.
7th April 2002
Cool site Ell, keep on running and dont forget the CD's next time

Thoroughly enjoyed your site!
9th March 2002
We are from Toowoomba, Qld, Australia and have just found your site.
Brad's father is Graeme Edgar Postle, born 04.03.1947, and his father
was Howard Postle. If you would like any further information, please
do not hesitate to contact us by above email.

Congrats on the good work.

Brad and Kath
4th March 2002

My branch have lived in the east midlands for about 3 generations but
originally hail from Norfolk ( my dad has been tracking the family
history ).

I've just emigrated to Canada ( Vancouver ) and surprisingly there
appear to be a few Postles in the phone book here as well.

Interesting site - Good to see so many Postles in one place !

Chris Postle
20th January 2002
I am looking for family roots for school dose any one have any info?
13th January 2002
Stumbled onto this by accident. What a wonderful site! My father's family lived in Marion, Ohio before going to Florida around the time of World War II. Father's name is George, born in 1927, with siblings named Robert, Martha, Ruth, June, and others that I don't recall ever meeting. I am very interested in finding out when my father's ancestors left England for the US. Take care.
8th January 2002
What a wonderful web site - and I didn't think that there were many of us in the world.
My Name is David Postle - born 3rd April 1963 in Leeds - West Yorkshire.
I have one sister - Glynis born 23rd September 1949.
My Father was Joseph John Frederick George Postle - born in Leeds on 24th October 1923 - Died 7th June 1983. - Married Audrey Ellen Woodward at St Georges Church in Leeds in 1947.

He had one sister - Vivienne - born 2nd April 1926
As for my next generation - I married Maxine Hamilton 26th September 1987 - we have four boys - Jonathan - b 17/05/89 Alexander - b 15/12/91 Callum - b 30/09/95 and Joseph b 25/05/99
15th December 2001
are there any postles from Ohio on this site
24th November 2001
Hi great website, i am researching my postle ancestors who all originate from norfolk. I have a database with over 5,000 Postles mainly from N.E.norfolk including a branch in australia.
1st November 2001
stuart postle
28th October 2001
Hi helen great site . I live and was born in fleetwood lancashire my father and grandfather came from Hull and all work around the fishing industry .I shall visit your site again soon all the best stuart postle
26th October 2001
I'm from Lyndonville, New York. My parents were Mervin - & - Iris Postle.
I have a sister Pamela. Look forward to hearing from you.
14th October 2001
Was trying to find some information about the name Postle and came across this site. My parents are Dan and Kathy Postle. Two sisters are Tina and Lori,and of course myself Brian. I also had a grandmother by the name of Helen Postle. see you later....
Postles from Illinois

If anyone is interested the family tree of the Durham branch of the family is available at:


Ken Postle
24th August 2001
Interesting to find so many Postle's in one place. I am son of John Postle (Buffalo NY USA) who is son of Charles Postle (born Cooperstown NY USA)... I currently live in Rochester NY, Home of the Kodak film dynasty... Hope to hear from Postle's around the world.
23rd August 2001
Hi I have just happened on you web site using a search for Postle.

As you can see I am a Postle a live in Scunthorpe but Come from Grimsby where there is quite a large family mainly as my grand parents had 12 children. I am not sure if there is any link too the midlands, But I throught you might be interested anyway

Garry Postle.
22nd August 2001
My name before I was married was Susan Postles, I lived n the West Midlands with my father Donald Postles, my mother Joyce and my brothers, Tony, David and Martin and my sister Julia. I would love to hear from anyone who knows or knew us.
Auntie Flo Postle
21st August 2001
Dear Helen,
Thank you for putting our Wedding Photo(Bill and Florrie) on the web-site its great. Hope to see you soon.
Love Auntie. xxx
5th August 2001
Hello Helen,
Have not looked at the family tree for some time you have lots more added. Finding it all fascinating. Love Auntie Sheila.
1st July 2001
I am Alistair Postle of Stockton on Tees Cleveland. My father is Kenneth Postle 74, His father was Albert Postle and his father was
William Postle and his father was Attwell Postle and his father was
Attwell Postle and his father was John Postle and his father was John
Postle and thats as far as I got.

We were miners in Durham/Northumberland.
Any emails to

10th June 2001
It looks better and better keep up the good work barry in leicester
31st May 2001

I am facinated by the concept of finding my ancestors - tracing back my family tree. I have heard from various members of my family that it was only recently that the "s" got added to the end of Postle in our surname. Also, the previous entry to the guestbook sounds familiar - I have family in that area - my grandparents, Joyce and Donald Postles, used to live in the area surrounding Halesowen - where I still have some family today.

Hi. Very interested in your site. I was born Julie Postle and lived in
Quinton Birmingham and moved to Halesowen when I was 10 years old. My
Father is Donald who worked at Longbridge until he retired My Mother is
Joyce and I am One of Five children. Tony, Myself, Sue, David and
Martin. I would love to hear from anyone who knows of us
21st May 2001

Just came across your site. Looks interesting and I will be sure to
pass on the address to my mother who is more into the family history than myself.

I'm sure my family here in Australia is tied in withyour somewhere along the line. Will have to try and dig out our family tree done by my grandmother about 15 years ago. I know the original emmigrants came from England somewhere.

I'll get back to you.

16th May 2001
Hi Helen We have looked at your web site very good but disagree
with much of your findings. We will put you right when you come to
Leicester. Keep up the good work. Frank -&- Barry.
3rd May 2001
Hi Helen Just found the website very interesting
Love Auntie Janet
2nd April 2001
Hi Helen, I'm not a Postle but I enjoyed the site very much, see ya
25th March 2001
Grandfather Percy (born 25th June 1886?) lived in Four Oaks (Sutton
Sutton Coldfield) with wife Elsie (nee Stretton) who came originally from
Burton on Trent. Percy died Christmas 1972.

Son John Postle - born 16th December 1920. Lives Cheadle Cheshire.

Grandson Michael - born 20-09-43.

Just found the site. Will dig up what we have of the family tree when we have a moment. Some relatives (Bill postle and family) in Australia.

Hello Helen,

Thanks for emailling me.
I'm going to pass your site on to my brother and get him to find
some names and dates and see if any overlap. Should be

All the best

27th February 2001
Was interested in the Postle name, went to school with David Postle
many years ago. In the West Midlands
Ken Postle Jr.
6th February 2001
Dear Helen,
Nice website. Your great,great aunt Sarah has the same name and
almost the same birthday as my great,great,grandmother. How far is her
town from Lancashire? Ken Postle
Hi Helen. Thanks for your help concerning my website. Kind regards.
Vanessa Postle
3rd February 2001
Hi Helen, just found the web site, its really intesting.see you soon.
2nd February 2001
hi helen this is great. i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vick Postle
29th January 2001
I am a Postle girl from Norfolk and am very excited about this web-site- such a good idea. My mum is called Paula, Dad is called Roger and I have a sister called Katie.I will keep looking at this site to see if you can trace any connections!! Goodluck!!
29th January 2001
Hi Helen: This is a great idea. Let me know if you need anything from me. Look forward to checking back on a regular basis to see the updates. Keep in touch. Love from Liz XXX
29th January 2001
Hi Helen. Good work on the web site. see you soon .... Jon xxx
27th January 2001
Keep up the good work Helen its great if you need any more help let me
know . love Auntie Sheila.
26th January 2001
Hey Helen This is a great idea. Do you want details of say the Hand family or just Postles? love Chris
25th January 2001
Hi, Helen, I think the POSTLE Family Tree website look's great. I have sent Natalie Oliver a text Message about it. Love Dad X X X