This is a list of all the people associated with Smethwick

Born Married Died


June1912William Postle
October1915Edna May Moss
September1917Herbert Thomas Postle
October1920Living Postle
1955Living Postle


YearPlaceCoupleHe LivedShe Lived
1916St Michael and All AngelsLaura Louise Thrupp and Thomas Postle29 Baldwin Street130 Baldwin Street
1919 Beatrice Holyoake and Jack Postle  
1937Old ChurchFlorence Edwards and William Postle  
1942Old ChurchLiving McCabe and Living Postle30 Milcote Road28 Thompson Road
1944 Hilda Postle and George Medeiros  
1947 Margaret I Dadson and Jack Postle  
1948 Elsie Postle and Geoffrey E Morris  
1952 Joan Cash and Living Postle  
1953 Hilda Postle and Eric McCabe  


191423 Melbourne RoadElizabeth Wesley
193530 Milcote RoadLaura Louise Thrupp
194630 Milcote RoadThomas Postle
1962 Beatrice Holyoake

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