This is a list of all the people associated with Northwich
Born Married Died


November1840John Postles
May1867Ellen Jane Postles
1868William John W Postles
March1869George Henry Postles
March1871John Postles
1883William H Postles
September1884Arthur Senior
1885Arthur Postles
1886Alice Maud Postles
September1888Katherine Postles
July1890George Postles
1890Walter Postles
1891Frederick J Vickers
June1895Nora H E Burrows
1898Harold Postles
1898Thomas Sidney Meachin
1900Florence Ann Meachin
1905George Cyril Postles
1908Gladys Elizabeth Postles
1915Louie Constance Postles
1917Alice Postles
1921Living Postles
1922Harold E Postles
1923Living Postles
1933Living Postles
1933Living Postles


YearPlaceCoupleHe LivedShe Lived
1885 Mary E Postles and Walter Williamson  
1886St John the BaptistSarah Gandy and Henry Postles  
1890Register OfficeSarah Ann Bradshaw and George Henry Postles  
1903 Ellen (Nellie) Postles and William Maxwell  
1907Wesleyan ChapelKatherine Postles and William Nowell BarlowLondon Road 
1911 Mary Postles and George Marshall  
1912 Christina Skerratt and Joseph Postles  
1914 Gladys Fleet and James Postles  
1923 Nora H E Burrows and George Harold Postles  
1924 Annie Bramhall and Henry Postles  
1927 Florence Ann Meachin and Harold Ireland  
1930 Florence Tomlinson and George Cyril Postles  
1955 Living Postles and Michael Miskell  
1968 Living Postles and Colin Burgess  


191 William John W Postles
1867 Samuel Postles
1870 Thomas Postles
1882 John Postles
1887 Ann Worth
1895Greenhall RoadElizabeth Dennett
1903 Harold Postles
1904 John Sandbach
1913 Louie Ferguson Postles
1922 Harold E Postles
1923 James Postles
1923 William Postles
1924 Hannah Jones
1957 William H Postles
1969Horton Meadows, Navigation RoadKatherine Postles

1901 Census
9 Dock RoadJoseph Postles (not known)
Mary Ann Postles (not known)
John Samuel Meachin (not known)
James Postles (not known)
Joseph Postles (not known)
Katherine Postles (not known)
Thomas Sidney Meachin (not known)
Florence Ann Meachin (not known)
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171 London RoadGeorge Vickers (not known)
Mary Elizabeth Postles (not known)
Ellen Jane Postles (not known)
Florence Annie Postles (not known)
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240 London RoadRichard Postles (not known)
Hannah Hall (not known)
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