Lower Peover

This is a list of all the people associated with Lower Peover

Born Christened Married Died


1671Richard Postles
1694John Postles
August1700Richard Postles
1703Esther Postles
1704Ellen ?
1705Hannah Postles
1713Nathan Postles
1715Thomas Postles
1716Ann Postles
1728Thomas Postles
June1777Josiah Postles


DecemberSt Marys Parish ChurchJohn Postles
St Marys Parish ChurchRichard Postles
MarchSt Marys Parish ChurchEsther Postles
JulySt Marys Parish ChurchHannah Postles
JulySt Marys Parish ChurchNathan Postles
AprilSt Marys Parish ChurchThomas Postles
JanuarySt Marys Parish ChurchAnn Postles
AprilSt Marys Parish ChurchThomas Postles
St Marys Parish ChurchRichard Postles
AprilSt Marys Parish ChurchEllen Postles
AugustSt Marys Parish ChurchMartha Postles
MaySt Marys Parish ChurchMartha Postles
St Marys Parish ChurchWilliam Postles
St Marys Parish ChurchJoseph Postles
JuneSt Marys Parish ChurchJosiah Postles
JanuarySt Marys Parish ChurchSarah Snelson
MaySt Marys Parish ChurchJoseph Snelson
SeptemberSt Marys Parish ChurchGeorge Snelson
St Marys Parish ChurchMary Postles


YearPlaceCoupleHe LivedShe Lived
1719 Mary Jackson and John Postles  
1810St Oswalds ChurchMary Postles and Joseph Street  
1841St Oswalds ChurchMary Oakes and Joseph Postles  


1675 Richard Postle
1700 Richard Postles
1718 Peter Postles
1730 Mary ?
1731 Richard Postles

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