This is a list of all the people associated with Manchester
Born Married


1810James Postles
1860Mary Ann Elliot
1875George Frost
1878John G Ferguson
1881Emma Postles
1884Ada Postles
1887Edward Postles
1894William Postles
1898George E Frost
1899Harold Postles
1901Doris Postles
1967Living Postles
1970Living Postles


YearPlaceCoupleHe LivedShe Lived
1831Manchester CathedralMary Shaw and John Saint  
1841 Elizabeth Ledward and Thomas Postles  
1867Mount PleasantElizabeth Wright and John PostlesMount PleasantSalford
1897 Caroline Postles and George Frost  

1881 Census
6 Ivy StreetHannah Holland (not known)
Thomas Postles (not known)
John Postles (not known)
Sarah E Postles (not known)
Caroline Postles (not known)
Martha H Postles (not known)
Emma Postles (not known)
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