This is a list of all the people associated with Birmingham

Born Married Died


1841Jane Owen
1843John Moss
1844Sarah Hill
1864John Moss
1866George Moss
1869Jane Moss
1872Frederick Moss
December1874Charles Moss
1877Charlotte Moss
1880Abraham Moss
1882Frank Moss
1884Caroline Moss
1896Rosannah Moss
1898Emma Moss
1900Ada Moss
May1925Jack Postle
July1926Beatrice May Postle
1940Living Postle
1956Margaret A Postles
1959Living Postles
1961Living Postle
July1962Living Postle
1963Living Postles
1968Living Postles


YearPlaceCoupleHe LivedShe Lived
1907 Mary Ann Postles and Herbert Ball  
1927 Elsie Perkins and Henry Postle  
1927 Olive Moseley and John Postle  
1932 Mirriam Postles and Albert Scott  
1940 Living Merrick and Herbert Thomas Postle  
1962St CatherinesEileen O Connor and Living Postle  
1963 Jean Davies and Living Postles  
1968 Living Postle and Anthony C Thompson  
1968 Living Postles and Dennis Price  
1970 Living Postle and Edward C Ingram  
1971 Living Spargo and Anthony S Roberts  
1984 Sandra Pearson and Living Postles  


1914 Thomas Postles
1936 Adda Oates
1948 Jack Postle
1956 Margaret A Postles
1988 Hilda Postle
1998 Beatrice May Postle
2002Selly Oak HospitalPatrick Joseph O Connor
2004Good Hope HospitalRose Heslin

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